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Delivering Better Care for the Women in Our Community.

Comprehensive Breast Centers

A comprehensive, collaborative approach to detecting and treating breast cancer.

Collaborative Approach Improves Treatment

Shared Knowledge is
he Difference

When my two colleagues convinced me to attend the Dr. Tabar conference, they pointed to his incredible mammographic interpretation abilities and it was because he understood microscopic breast tissue anatomy and pathology. This was the beginning of the inspiration for our comprehensive breast center.

Improving the Experience

Comprehensive Means Your
Family is in Good Hands

We began the weekly breast conference in early 1996. Seated around the table are surgeons, a mammographer, two pathologists, and several medical and radiation oncologists. One patient is presented at a time and all aspects of her disease are discussed with planning for specific surgery. The need for chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy are evaluated, specific for her disease. During the discussion, the patient’s specific wishes are acknowledged, such as preference for limited resection vs. mastectomy, or vice versa.

Innovative Concepts

Driven by
Professional Leadership

Dr. Laszlo Tabar visited out newly minted Comprehensive Breast Center several times and invited our team to present at his national meetings on the comprehensive, collaborative approach to detecting breast cancer.

Houston Northwest Medical Center

Houston, Texas

Houston Northwest Medical Center is where the first comprehensive breast center was established in the community in early 1996.



Claudia Z. Lee, MBA, FNCBC

It is upon these components and attributes that a solid, value-added, high quality Comprehensive Breast Center should be based.

  • Strong Medical and Administrative Leadership to Champion Program

  • Diagnostic Sub-Specialization, Experience, Knowledge, and Commitment

  • Interdisciplinary Diagnostic, Treatment, and Support Team with Philosophical Congruence and Open Communication

  • Prospective Treatment Planning Based upon Physician-Developed,

Research-Based Guidelines

  • Accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers [NAPBC/ACoS]

  • Certified by National Quality Measures for Breast Centers [NCBC]

  • Experienced, Committed, Knowledgeable Staff in All Positions

  • Timely Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Active Patient Involvement in Decision-Making

  • Coordinated, Comprehensive, and Patient-Focused Services

  • Patient Navigation – Case Management, Advocacy, Education, and Support

  • Risk Assessment, Counseling and Testing Referral Program

  • Accessible Psychosocial Support and Referral

  • Strong Education/Outreach for Physicians, Patients, Public, Staff, and Payors

  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

  • Facility Access, Convenience, Visibility and Patient-Focused Design

  • Advisory Bodies for Medical Staff and Community

  • Efficient and Productive

  • Appropriate Pricing, Coding, and Billing

  • Funding Mechanism for Indigent Care

Claudia Z. Lee, MBA, FNCBC

President, C Z Lee & Associates

19 Riverview Boulevard, Hudson, New York

PH: 518-8222-1373


  • Breast center performs at higher level
  • Deliver better breast care to women in the community
  • Form a breast team that includes a participating pathologist

What happens to the biopsy after it leaves the clinic?

Evolution of a Pathologist

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