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Two of my favorite businesses are interlinked in a visual sense, one leading into the other. Many years ago during residency training, as I practiced to recognize disease, I also knew I was seeing things under the microscope that most people cannot even imagine. That was the early visual recognition that pathology and the visualization of disease was a special calling that I would relish/enjoy for a lifetime. These visual sights are what lead to a deepening of interest in digital imaging and digital pathology as that technology became available over the past twenty years.

North Houston Pathology Associates LLP and Meyer Instruments represent the blending of pathology with digital imaging technology. Our group has been involved with Meyer since 1996 when we began our comprehensive breast center. We had to learn how to digitize our images for the weekly breast conference. That relationship has continued with the purchase of more digital equipment and more education from the digital guru, Rob Meyer.


North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP

North Houston Pathology Associates, LLP

Meyers Instruments

Meyer Instruments, Inc.


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